iPhone Controlled Paper Airplane

Tailor Toys unvieled an iPhone controlled paper airplane conversion kit called the PowerUp 3.0 at the American International Toy Fair this week! The awesome concept won Popular Science’s Best of Toyfair award.

The original PowerUp conversion kits are little electric propellers that clip onto the tip of your paper airplane, and give it some thrust. This will keep your airplane twisting and turning through open skies for about 90 seconds. And it works with just about any airplane design, though you’ll get best results with a medium wingspan design like the Nakamura Lock.

The design has been improved with this 3.0 release, giving it an increased flight time of 10 minutes, complete with an iOS app to take control of your planes flight. They haven’t released much info on the app and I haven’t seen it in action, but it sounds promising.

You can buy one sometime this August for an estimated $49.99. Check it out in the video below.

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